..Free Yoga Nidra Relaxation mp3.

If you would like my Yoga Nidra or in other words my Relaxation Exercise mp3 click here  to download it.  

I made the mp3 and wrote the script and narrated it. I originally recorded it on a 
cassette tape recorder and then I later converted it to a mp3. 

It's a long playing MP3. It runs for 44.52 minutes. It's 96 MB. I find it good because it's long enough to give you time to completely relax. I highly recommend it. I have used it every day for the past 16 years and it gets better and better the more you listen to it. You can listen to it below.

Download this 24 minute MP3 of a girl narrating a beautiful Yoga Nidra. 

 You won't be able to find a Yoga Nidra better than this one. The sound quality has been improved with Adobe Audition.


If you are unable to download my Relaxation MP3 from the link above then here is another link which should work. This is the best updated version of my Relaxation Exercise.



.Download  this 24 minute MP3 of a lady narrating a beautiful Yoga Nidra.



This is my Relaxation Exercise again and you can download it for  free   here.


This is my best Relaxation Exercise again with background music and you can download it for free here.


Here is a great Yoga Nidra that I edited for Michelle who made it. Download instruction are on the Youtube.




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