I'm a self taught artist from Australia. I mainly paint with computer software so almost all my art is digital art. 
I started off with acrylics and water colors and switched to digital art many years ago when I got my first computer. I try to get my art to look earthy with a non-computer generated feel to it. I also try and make all my art different and try not to make two similar images. They have been done over a period of 22 years. 
My paintings are like my painted bible telling a story of what has been in my life and things that concern me. I have done anti-war, religious and a lot of just fun paintings.
You are welcome to download any of my paintings.

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The piece of music I added below is called "Humming Flute" and it was done by a good friend and myself.

I also sung the other hymn called "Soul of My Saviour".

'Soul of my Savior' sung by Albert Sellaman



An animated flash and music - video clip done by Albert Sellaman and Milan Svab.



One of my designs for the new Australian Flag



You can listen to and download my free relaxation exercise with background music by clicking on this link.